Inspiring fun and creativity

Thanks for stopping by to browse my unique blend of art, mechanics and electronics . I take inspiration from all the things I love, to design beautiful and entertaining items for your home.

Whether it's a hand made wooden drum, a highly detailed model or an original animated figure, I use the finest exotic woods, state of the art technology and computer-aided fabrication to bring my ideas to life. Go ahead and browse through the shop. If you don't find the item you're looking for, let's work together to design yours!

Tiki collection

Tiki collection

A fun collection of animated figures to bring your tiki space to... 



A collection of hand-crafted musical instruments to enhance your jam space. 

Feel free to contact us about your own project ideas.

  • Iconic buildings

    Finely detailed models are designed, cut , assembled and hand painted in my Central Florida workshop. This rendition of the Southfork Ranch from "Dallas" was a real challenge - right down to the striped window awnings and in ground pool.

  • Attraction models

    As a Theme Park fan and former Disney employee, I hold a deep appreciation for the artistry of a great theme park attraction. My models are lovingly created using the latest technology. They are hand painted and weathered to capture all the thrill of that first visit.

  • Animatronics

    I build my animated characters by hand from original designs, right down to the electronics and motor control systems. They are always well tested and carefully packed before shipping off to their forever homes.

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