About Scott

I am an entertainment professional living in Clermont, Florida. For the past 30 years, I have been working and learning in a variety of disciplines related to entertainment technology. I am a CTS certified A/V Technician, with an AAS in Electronic Engineering and a background in technical theatre, art and design.

I've been building stuff for as long as I can remember.

I was always the kid in the neighborhood with the go-cart, the backyard fort and a very "creatively themed" bedroom. Through the 1980s I attended the High School for Performing Arts and kept busy in the scene shop of a local theatre company. After a few years of higher education in technical theatre in the early 1990's, my interests turned to sound engineering. As a house engineer for several Long Island recording studios, I was fortunate to be able to hone my skills next to some exceptionally talented artists and technicians. The transition back to theatre came when I took a position as Technical Director for a local theatre company. My love for art, design and all things technical has kept me working steadily as a designer, builder and technician in theatre and television since the late 1990s.

Back to school.

Several years ago, a lifelong interest in Theme Parks began to spark a new found excitement and enthusiasm for the next chapter in my career. The variety of disciplines and challenges involved in the creation of immersive, themed environments and attractions had always seemed the perfect fit for my multifaceted approach to life. I returned to school to complete a degree in Electronic Engineering; completed an on-line curriculum for Theme Park Design, joined TEA and IAAPA, and generally immersed myself in the world of themed entertainment.

 In 2015 my wife Meg and I picked up from Long Island, NY, where we both grew up, and headed to Disney World! We relocated to Central Florida where I quickly settled in as an Entertainment Technician for The Walt Disney Company. I was fortunate to become heavily involved with some of the largest and most complex stage shows anywhere on Disney property. The people and experiences I gained from those next 5 years will be fondly with me forever. 

Fast forward to 2020. 

The culmination of my many experiences in design and fabrication is Supeck Studios. I am fortunate to be at a time where I can take on projects that satisfy my creative side and share them with people who appreciate them. Relying on the mix of knowledge and skills I've acquired through my adventures, I do my best to realize new visions as they come to the forefront of my mind.  

My passion has always been to combine the art of my theatrical background with the tools and techniques of the electronics and engineering industries to help tell stories through art and entertainment. Thanks again for checking out my work. Please stop back every once in a while for blog updates as well as new projects and photos!

 "It's not enough to be a dreamer. You have to have the energy, enthusiasm and expertise to carry through to your dream."  

                                                                        -  Marty Sklar

Favorite Theme Park:

            EPCOT (1982-1990)

Favorite Themed Attraction:

            Tower of Terror, DHS

Favorite music to work to:

            Galactic, Rush, DMB, Steely Dan.