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Hollywood Tower of Terror scale model

Hollywood Tower of Terror scale model

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This is a scale model of the Tower of Terror attraction at Walt Disney World. Nowhere will you find a more highly detailed, faithfully accurate model of this amazing ride building. It's made from over 130 individual, hand painted parts! This model takes on a whole different personality at night when it is fully lit with 3 different colors of LED lighting controlled by a convenient on/off switch. I used blueprints and measurements of the actual attraction to reproduce every detail down to the scroll work panels that adorn the balconies. The model stands 28" tall and 18" wide. This is a great piece for any Disney fan! Can be used as a wall hanging or a table top display model. This item is hand made to order and has a 2-3 week lead time for shipping. Watch a demo of the animated elevator option at : The base model has a 4 color light wash as in the listing photos. The lights are switched. It does not do anything else. The elevator options add an animation that mimics the drops seen on the actual attraction. There are 3 separate drop profiles per shaft. I offer 1 or 2 elevators. On the 2 el, the shafts alternate back and forth, each with their own set of 3 drop profiles. The elevators animate on a loop as long as the switch is on. The ultimate version adds the sound and light sequence seen at:


Pine, Walnut


6' x 1" x 1 1/2"

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