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Singing Tiki

Singing Tiki

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At the push of a button, this tiki comes alive with movement and sound, singing a few verses while his eyes, eyelids and mouth move in perfect sync to the songs. The shows are triggered with a wireless key fob. Choose the 2 songs he comes with - or pick almost any song you like! I will edit, program and animate your tiki to perform on cue.

When ordering, please let me know which mask you prefer - yellow headband (pineapple) or orange headband (wave). It will be cast in high quality resin and hand painted.

He comes standard with 2 songs by Tiki Thom Starkey, "My Little Tiki Bar", and "You put the Hair on my Coconuts". Demo links below.

Measures 20" high x 10" wide. Comes with power supply and wireless key fob. Easily hung on any wall.

See him in action at: for "My Little Tiki Bar". for "You put the Hair on my Coconuts".

Download the full songs by "Tiki" Thom Starkey at your favorite download site


Pine, Walnut


6' x 1" x 1 1/2"

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