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Singing Tiki

Singing Tiki

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After amazing sucess with my Singing Tikis over the past year - it's time for some upgrades! -

He now comes standard with BOTH songs by Tiki Thom Starkey, "My Little Tiki Bar", and "You put the Hair on my Coconuts". - The shows are now triggered with a wireless, 2-button key fob. At the push of either button, this tiki comes alive with movement and sound, singing a few verses while his eyes, eyelids and mouth move in perfect sync to the songs. -

After listening to customer feedback, I now offer an option to custom program almost any song of your choice! I will be happy to edit your song and program the tiki man to come alive and sing it with character in perfect synchronization. - Chose from either orange headband tiki or yellow top tiki. It will be cast in high quality resin and hand painted.

Measures 20" high x 10" wide. Comes with power cord and wireless key fob. Easily hung on any wall.

See him in action at: for "You put the Hair on my Coconuts".

or for "You put the Hair on my Coconuts".

Download the full songs by "Tiki" Thom Starkey at your favorite download site


Pine, Walnut


6' x 1" x 1 1/2"

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