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Spaceship Earth display model

Spaceship Earth display model

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This stunning scale model is more than an accurate rendering of the most recognized geodesic sphere in the world. It captures the full excitement of EPCOT as you disembark monorail red and head through the main entrance towards Spaceship Earth. Just like the real thing, this piece shows its true beauty at night. With 8 separate LED light sources and 5 different colors, the sphere is bathed in the familiar purples and oranges, while the clear acrylic fountain pillars or attraction sign (both included!) pop with a brilliant white.

The model is made from wood, plastic, cast resin, acrylic. It measures 14"w x 8"h x 8"d.

Includes built in light switch and separate power adapter.


Pine, Walnut


6' x 1" x 1 1/2"

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