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Supeck Studios

Tiki Bar Laser Arcade

Tiki Bar Laser Arcade

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This unique and functional piece of art is the ultimate in tiki themed decor. The 3-dimensional, hand painted diorama will look amazing on the wall of any tiki themed environment. It comes framed in dark toned wood. Flip the power switch on, and it comes alive with synchronized lighting and stereo audio to tell the story of a beachside tiki bar with a few hidden surprises.

Pick up the very "toy" looking laser pistol and shoot to chill! When hit, each target triggers a unique show with custom audio, motion and lighting effects. There's no time limit or score display. This is most definitely a "play at your own pace" experience - or create your own game! When you're done shooting, the beach and bar will stay beautifully lit until the next round.

Measures 35"w x 11"h x 5"d. Comes with laser pistol and power supply.

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Pine, Walnut


6' x 1" x 1 1/2"

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