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Tower of Terror Billboard

Tower of Terror Billboard

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Miss seeing this on your way to the parks? Me too! That's why I designed this tabletop replica of the greatest Walt Disney World billboard ever. An animated advertisement for the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios that greeted guests on World Drive up until mid 2023.
My 19" tall version packs an astonishing amount of detail - down to the iconic moving elevator car full of crazed guests. The fully 3-dimensional model is handsomely displayed on a black pedestal that mimics the trusswork that held up the real thing. The on/off switch for the elevator movement is built right into the top of the base.
This display piece is hand-painted and comes with power supply
Measures 19"high x 8"wide x 5"deep


Pine, Walnut


6' x 1" x 1 1/2"

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